"We as company exist to serve small business owners and entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to amplify their voice and tell their story using the power of video!"

Are you an experienced "solopreneur," a small business owner, attorney or realtor? You have spent years establishing your brand, growing your expertise and finding clients through the strength of what you deliver and word of mouth from satisfied clients and connections. You’ve put in the work and built the base of your business but yet, there’s still something missing.

And there’s exactly where we come in at 9Logic.

Are you ready to stand out as a true “go-to expert” in your field? Are you ready to amplify your voice and spread your message to a broader audience? If your answer was “Yes!” then now is the time to harness the power of online marketing and video branding to take your passion to the next level and reach the ever-growing billions of your ideal consumers online! 

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Video is the fastest growing medium on the web. It accounts for over half of all consumer internet traffic. It means that on average people are spending more time watching videos than any other activity online. To be exact, there are over 7 billion videos being watched on Facebook and Youtube, daily!

What if just a small fraction of those viewers were watching videos about your company? Do you think that would have an impact on your bottom line?

Video is the easiest way to speak directly to your tribe and express to them exactly what it is that you do and how you can serve them. Videos keep their attention longer and your tribe retains the message of a video better than they would just plain text.

Most importantly, video is the best way to personally connect with your audience. We all know that clients do business with people they know, like and trust; so give them a chance to really get to know you! 

A high quality video posted properly online is a virtual lead magnet that attracts your ideal customer for you 24/7 even while you sleep. You could spend thousands of dollars printing out and passing out thousands of business cards and mailing out thousands of postcards and still not match the reach and effectiveness of one fully optimized video.

At 9Logic, we create highly engaging, effective branding videos that turn viewers into leads and leads into loyal, paying customers in a way where you can clearly track and celebrate your return on investment.


  • 62% of Google universal searches include videos. There is a 50% probability that Google will rank a video for certain keywords as compared to plain text results.
  • 89 Million people in the U.S. Alone will watch 1.2 Billion videos today.
  • Video has a 41% higher click through rate over results that are in plain text.
  • In 2017 Cisco foresees that video will account for 69% of all customer internet traffic.
  • Video in email can boost open rates by 20% and increase click through rates by 2 to 3 times.
  • By simply using the word “video” in the subject line of an email boosts open rates 19%, click thru rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.
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Our video marketing is what clearly sets us apart from the average videographer or cinematography company. See, they produce a high quality video production for your company that looks really good. (And we are pretty well known for our quality, hollywood style videos as well!). However, that’s where the similarities end.

At 9Logic not only do we produce highly engaging, HD videos but we also coach you, the business owner, on which language and call-to-actions to utilize that will trigger your ideal client to reach in their wallet and do business with you.

With us, producing the video is only the half of what we do. We are expert video marketers that upload your videos to the best platforms based on your needs. We optimize the video with critical keywords and phrases so that your video can actually be seen and heard from those seeking what you offer.

Business statistics have shown that your target client needs to have between 6 - 10 interactions with you and what your business offers before they will be ready to buy from you. With video, not only can we track each interaction (“impression”) but we can exponentially quicken the buying process online.


Video marketing refers to incorporating videos into your marketing campaigns so that you can promote your company, product or service.

A business using this type of internet advertisement creates short videos about specific topics they want to promote.


You can’t just create a video and throw it on YouTube and hope for the best. You must have an action plan, and an action plan has steps to follow, very important steps that you can’t miss.
There are 4 basics steps you should follow to make video marketing work for you:

  1. RESEARCH - Creating a well defined message. Choosing topics that have proven to be inline with what people care about.
  2. CREATE - After you have chosen the appropriate content, turn its main ideas into a script. Preparing and learning the script then, recording and editing an effective video.
  3. PUBLISH - Upload your video to the best video sharing sites, sharing it on social media and embed it to your website or blog.
  4. ADVERTISE - There are different ways to advertise your video. It is strongly recommended to use Social Media to reach the target audience you want. You can make use of PPC (Pay Per Click) with YouTube and Facebook. Also, it is an excellent idea to use SEO, with Google and YouTube.


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