I came up with the idea of 9Logic as a result of creating a video resume during my job search in the summer of 2013. 

In 2013 my wife received an opportunity to advance her career through her employer which required us to move our family to Texas. I was excited about the move and the change of pace, however I was a bit apprehensive about trying to find a new job, in a new town.

I started beefing up my Linked In profile and revising my resume. I worked in the architectural field so I wanted a way to showcase my portfolio showing the projects I had worked on. After reading a couple of articles, I decided a digital portfolio was definitely the quickest and hippest way to go. However after listening to a sales coach I follow on Youtube who made the point that he only accepts videos of candidates and no paper resumes, it influenced me to take a different route. What if I could show my portfolio and personality all in one package? So that’s what I did. I created a video resume, posted it on Youtube, sent a link to friends, family and colleagues, added it to my Linked In profile and also added a hyperlink to the video in the pdf of my traditional resume when I applied for positions.

Some people were skeptical, some advised me that I would hurt my career by doing this, however it was a risk I was willing to take. When I arrived in Texas after less than a week of looking for work I was contacted by a recruiter who wanted to know if I was interested in a position he had open as a result of seeing my resume posted on a job board and watching my video. I interviewed over the phone and was later offered the position, I accepted the offer and the rest is history. After this I knew from first hand experience the power of personal branding and the efficiency of video. I had so much fun producing and sharing that video resume, that I knew I wanted to help other people promote and brand themselves and this is how I got started! 


Founder @9Logic





Ultimately my goal is to help you to become more successful in your business. The goal is not to produce a beautiful video for you. That is merely a stepping stone to bring us closer to the overall  goal which is to help you gain new customers, so that your business can grow, thrive and prosper. 

We help our clients tell their company story and share their experience in a way that speaks to the human side of what you do. While creating videos that are comfortable, honest and real.

Working with us our clients experience:

  • Clarity in their message- what to say and how to say it
  • Increased visibility- more views
  • More website clicks and opt ins
  • Better engagement and conversation online with customers
  • Increased customer understanding of their process, products and services.
  • Better understanding of their Facebook business page
  • Greater knowledge of keywords and #hashtags
  • A stable video marketing strategy- moving forward
  • Increase in customer inqueries

"It's great! Thank you so much for revising my News Reel. As an Award-Winning journalist professionalism and poise are key, and you nailed it! I'm confident that with my new reel I'll land my dream job! Thanks to everyone @9Logic for helping me showcase my star power." - MARGO SPANN


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